Thursday, November 24, 2011

PhotoStage Slideshow Producer – Create photo slideshow Movies and presentations never been Easier

Custom slideshows are a great way to display your favorite photos and videos to friends and family.PhotoStage Slideshow Producer shows that slideshow makers don’t need to be difficult to use to produce great results.
The best sign of a well-designed user interface is when you can jump into a program without having to consult the help feature first. PhotoStage Slideshow Producer has just such an interface. However, should you need it; a link to an ample online Help page is available.

PhotoStage’s process is broken down into steps so you can’t go wrong. We started first by adding our media files, which included a mix of digital photos and a video. From there, we were able to add effects to each file, including the ability to crop, resize, and change the hue. But you can take it all a step further and add effects that turn your images into old film, oil paintings, negatives, sepia, and more. Our next step was to add transitions, such as Cross Fade, Revealing From Top to Bottom, and so on. We were pleasantly surprised to find that PhotoStage offers a narration feature that let us add our own music to our slideshow; you can even record your own voice, if you have a microphone.
The Save step gave us numerous options for saving our newly created slideshow, including saving it as a Flash file, DVD movie, or a data disc, or we could save it to our hard drive or portable device. We saved our slideshow to our desktop. It took a few seconds for it to save, but in no time, we were able to play our newly created slideshow back.
PhotoStage Slideshow producer will appeal to users of all skill levels. It installs desktop icons without your permission, but it uninstalls cleanly. We highly recommend it.


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