Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What Makes A Web Design Favorable To Search Engines?

By Martin Crowe

Creating a great web site design is crucial in conducting business online. A company web site helps promote a product and generate sale through online consumers. A good design is not only packed with information, but it's also user-friendly so that even less techie online visitors can still enjoy the Internet experience. The secret to making an effective design for a web site is to stay true to its purpose.

Domain registration is also an important factor to consider in building and designing a web site. For search engines, domain registration tells something about the credibility of a web site. Domain names that are ten-year-old and more would certainly initially gain the confidence of search engines compared to newly registered ones.

Also, make sure to shorten the load time. A web site with fast loading speed directs online users to the web page they intend to visit, thus making the entire Internet experience fulfilling. Online users keep visiting web pages with fast loading speed. Indeed, it takes only a couple of seconds to impress a prospective customer and so fast loading of every web page is necessary.

Of course, there are things to not do when designing a web site so that the search engines will not bring the site down. Blacklisted web sites contain spams and other information meant to mislead online users. It is better to keep the design simple and clear, too. Simplicity is everything, it directs your customer to find the information he or she needs right away. A simple web design also helps search engine spiders crawl a web page fast.

Finally, for a website to rank high on the Google and Yahoo search engines, it is important that the web site administrator posts relevant content on a regular basis. The ideal frequency for content posting is twice to thrice a week. Certainly, company owners cannot change the About Us or Home pages of the web site, so for better flexibility in writing updates about the company the blog does a great deal of work. The blog will then make search engine ranking for the website possible. But it's important to include or share links only with credible domain names to avoid being blacklisted in search engines, such as Google.

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