Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wedding Photographer In Singapore: Know What Matters In Wedding Photography

By Martin Crowe

Taking pictures of matrimonial events may be easy. It can be done even by the novices in wedding photography. However, to create a sense of style - a craft that a wedding photographer in Singapore can call his own - may not come easy.

The challenge therefore for every wedding photographer in Singapore, especially the novices, is how he would produce coherent and distinct styles. Learning to adopt ideas and being able to read photographs and decode them into their core photographic elements are just among the things done by skilled wedding photographers.

Indeed, the ability to adopt photographic principles and be able to develop them is what makes great wedding photographers different from amateurs. The latter only copy ideas and this will not help in generating more demand for their service.

Every wedding photographer in Singapore has always felt the need for personal, recognizable photographic styles. Sure, every individual naturally becomes sentimental when it comes to their photos. This is the reason why most bridal couples are willing to spend a considerable amount of money on wedding photographers.

So what constitutes a great photographic style? While it may garner several answers from photographers themselves, an eloquent style emerges from a strong sense of individuality, a sense of timing, a keen eye for design and composition as well as a sense of color and form.

The photographer's ability to have complementing or contrasting backdrops using common places is also a key to achieving a distinct photographic style. It's not only the glitch and glamour that wedding photos should display. Wedding photos become compelling through the photographer's ability to capture the love existing between two people, and even at times when everything else is mundane.

The ability to use the natural light is also more powerful than gimmicky effects. Natural light has the power to evoke emotions thus making photographs expressive. The photographs may be simple, but they can truly be awe-inspiring images that can stand the test of time.

The life span of photographs is crucial not just to wedding photographers but to couples as well. The simpler the photo effects are, the more it can appear as if the wedding had taken place just recently.

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