Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Taking The Mother's Portrait Before The Baby

By Benedict Chapman

Demi Moore should certainly get the credit in provoking the craze on maternity photography. Expectant mothers have been doing it for a long time prior to that, true, but the fad intensified when the A-list star posed on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine in 1991 totally naked while seven months pregnant. Over two decades later, expecting women around the world continue to pose with or without clothing while flaunting their full belly for a maternity photography.

The moms, also the soon-to-be dads, find pre-motherhood pictorial a truly intimate affair since it aspires to capture the momentous transitions on the mother's body and her emotions while the couple await the birth of their child. It is better to capture them during the pregnancy period because those transitions and feelings are not reproducible. It is likewise suggested that the mother is over six months pregnant when her tummy is already big to further stress her pregnancy.

The maternity photograph doesn't exclusively mean the other's solo photo. The dad can likewise pose with his family for the period. The trend today actually includes both parents sharing their gentle feelings and thrilling expectations in the pictorial. You can discuss the treatment of the photo with the photographer if you wish to include your spouse. You can have the portrait show off both your characters together and blend a loving moment and your fun side simultaneously.

There are couples who prefer to hold the photography shoot in the photographer's studio because it demands less expenditure and the photographer can better manipulate the lighting to give their portrait a soft light effect. If you want, you can also possess the shoot where you had your pre-wedding shoot so the new picture can sort of help continue your story.

Another concern moms have regarding maternity photography is what they must wear or if they should put on anything at all. Thanks to Demi, nude pregnancy photographs look inventive and daring, but it has also turned pretty common nowadays. Of course, if you have the courage and the desire to do it, you are truly welcome to do so. Just look for a reputable photographer who has experience in classy nude shots and talk about it with him before the session.

If you wish to keep your clothes on, however, it is better to draw attention to your tummy by donning a snug and stretchy top. You can put on a flowy skirt or jeans, but concentrate on your pregnancy bulge. If you want, reveal a bare belly with a bandeau top to further stress the transformation in your body.

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