Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Suggestions For A Good Booth Exhibition Design

By Darwin Bell

Since trade shows and exhibitions are a great platform for brand promotions, companies leave no stones unturned to use them to their advantage. An appealing booth exhibition design can contribute a lot to the success of your promotion campaign, similar to the effect of good shop designs. An impressive exhibition design can help you draw your potential customers, guarantee maximum visits to your stall and lead to greater revenues.

You must always keep in mind that it is important to attract a visitor instantly. The attention of the consumer has to be grabbed in the first few seconds by giving him the necessary information about the product through impressive and catchy displays.

There is no set format for guaranteed success in an exhibition design but you can work upon a number of aspects and make use of your own creative instincts to come up with something effective.

Firstly, you should assess the basic aim of setting up the booth. It can be for any purpose - from a product launch to a display of your organization's proud legacy. The creative professionals behind the exhibition design must be made aware of this fundamental purpose.

The booth layout, lighting, background and colour scheme along with textual messages are the main factors that require specific attention. It is well known that if the curiosity of the consumers is roused by using demonstrations, then they will be more inclined to to visit and stay inside your booth. You can also distribute freebies with the logo of your company printed on them, or other enticing offers for interested people visiting your booth. This will allow you some effortless and highly successful word of mouth publicity in the exhibition.

A perfect booth exhibition design must be affordable and flexible, which will minimise shipping, installation, and dismantling costs. Finally, you should also focus on what works and what does not work in an exhibition by asking an expert about it before you go ahead and implement the design for your stall.

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