Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Portrait Photography - Some Helpful Advice

By Justine Collins

Profiles of people have been captured in many popular photographs for decades. Portrait photography emphasizes on not just the subjects but on their personalities as well, thereby bringing the captured frames alive.

A well done portrait photograph doesn't follow convention, and presents the person in a state of mind that makes the picture striking. However, these photographs are also done in the conventional style with a single person or the whole family as subjects, and these mostly end up in family albums.

The most significant aspect in a portrait photograph is the close up, and the countenance of the subject must emerge prominently in it. This is achieved by a time-tested camera trick of making the background slightly foggy and indistinct so that the person's face gets the maximum focus. A wider aperture used in a camera can give perfect results for this purpose. One the other hand, it is advisable to click with a normal aperture if focus on the background is as essential as on the person, which is mostly true in outdoor photography.

Photography is all about absorption of light into the photographic medium; therefore insufficient light has always been a photographer's cause of worry. However, by adhering to some basic photography guidelines, a good portrait photograph can be obtained. If the individual is made to sit near a window in a posture in which sunlight falls only partly on the face, then the image usually ends up looking quite good. A reflective sheet can be used to light up the other side of the subject's face. However, However, portrait photographs taken in studios under artificial lighting mostly come out better than those taken in natural light.

Another important thing that you must keep in mind is that the more at ease a subject is during the shoot, higher the chances are of getting a perfect portrait photograph. If the subject doesn't feel at ease while being photographed and doesn't give a natural expression, then even the best camera and lighting technology can not ensure a good portrait.

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