Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Green Lantern Movie Outfit - How To Create Yours

By David Lawson

The Green Lantern movie costume is the talk of the town ever since the movie was released. Many people are recreating the costume in preparation for Halloween. The form-fitting piece of apparel appears to be made of light shining out of the character's ring. A greenish glow seems to be covering the well defined torso that has become very desirable to duplicate.

The suit can be made from a Kelly green leotard with a turtle neck. There are websites where these can be purchased at affordable prices. In order to create pronounced abs a body sculpting undershirt can also be purchased online that creates the illusion that the chest muscles are developed. This shows through very well with the Lycra turtle neck leotard on top of it.

Black Funtasma boots would be very suitable to virtually complete the outfit. The style of the boot is space-age Gothic. There are about a dozen versions of this to choose from on a well known giant online store. Regular lime green rubber boots bought in a discount store would be effective also.

People who love to paint may choose to draw the mask around their eyes. This is less cumbersome to wear than a face mask. The equipment needed to paint can be found in a craft's store. The body paint colors of black, white and kelly green are all that is needed.

Keeping an image of the mask close at hand to refer to regularly is helpful when duplicating it onto the face. The greenish shade and black are used to fill in the exposed skin areas.Starting off with the greenish-shade the eye area right up to a few inches over the eyebrows is painted in. The white color is used to accentuate more prominent regions of the face. Free tutorial videos are online to help in the shading technique.

If one prefers to wear a real mask this can be made with a sheet of Foamies measuring twelve by eighteen inches. A rectangular piece six inches wide should be cut out and placed on the rack of a preheated oven. The oven is heated to 250 Fahrenheit. It will take about three minutes for the foam piece to droop.

Once it is drooping remove the piece from the oven and place over a hard plastic Batman mask. Place a duplicate Batman mask over the foam and press for a few minutes. Use a black Sharpie pen to race the eye-holes. Remove the Foamies and trim around the eye area. Using spirit gum put a few dabs onto the skin and place the mask over it.

The Green Lantern movie outfit ring can be purchased from a well known children's toy store that has an exclusive on this item. If you want to save the money and make one, it can be made from different materials such as cardboard that has been spray painted green or carved from green wax. Online tutorials will provide clear cut videos that explain how to carve a ring out of wax.

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