Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Booth Designs: What Will Work?

By Timothy Sanders

A trade show is not complete without the presence of display booths. Booths are very important venues where companies can drawn in clients and encourage them to patronize the company's products. However, many companies do not give due emphasis in creating appropriate booth designs to maximize their publicity and exposure during tradeshows. Some business firms think that the success of their trade show participation is solely in the hands of their personnel who are in assigned to be in their booths.

The Significance Of Booth Designs

Spectators who go to trade shows generally go there to look at booth designs. If a company's booth is not attention grabbing, people would simply walk past without so much as a backward glance. A somewhat attention grabbing booth can merit a quick visit. Nevertheless, only the booths that can pique the interest of the event goers would merit their curiosity to learn more about the company. It is through this spectator interest that many companies have gained a solid customer base.

Elements To Apply In Booth Designs

Decorations. Companies' booth designs should arrest the interest of potential customers even from a far off distance. Balloons are quite effective in this regard. Balloons can signal to people from across the trade show floor that there is something attention grabbing in the other side of the convention hall. Balloons are also very affordable, and companies need not fret over the amount they will shell out for booth decorations.

Lighting. For booth designs that draw in spectators, you'd notice that lighting plays an important role. Products that you wish to feature can be instantly noted if spotlights are trained on them, and lights can also provide the ambience of your trade show booth.

Messaging. Of course, one purpose of trade shows is for the general public to learn more about various business firms, so their messages should feature prominently in the exhibits as well. However, many companies go over the top and overload their audience with too much information. Brevity and clarity are really important. This way, people will easily remember your company.

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