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Is HideMyAss Pro VPN The Best Solution To Hide Your Identity & Surf Anonymously? Let’s Find Out…

HideMyAss Review

How can you be sure that no one’s watching over your shoulder when browsing the web, watching a movie or downloading a file? Internet security has become a major concern for many people due to the web’s growth and rapidly changing environment. Every day millions of people use the internet, and thousands of unscrupulous people including hackers and thieves take advantage of unsuspecting internet users. Trust me, you don’t want to take any chances with your online information! The best way to protect your online information is by encrypting your internet connection. How? With a VPN Service like HideMyAss!
What’s HideMyAss?
HideMyAss Review – HideMyAss is a premium service that allows you to anonymously encrypt your internet connection using VPN technology. Unlike a web proxy service, a VPN service automatically works with any sort of application or protocol, including of course web browsing but also instant messaging, online gaming, etc. A VPN service protects you and your personal data by adding additional layers of security. With HideMyAss, you can anonymously encrypt your internet connection and change your IP address and country with the click of a button.
How does it work?
HideMyAss comes in a handy, easy-to-install client that can be set to connect to any server of your choice or to the server with the least amount of active users. The client almost always connects the first time and speed is usually fine. HideMyAss truly is a push-button solution. There’s  nothing complicated to do or learn. I have been using HideMyAss for over a year and half now and it always performed very well. Your internet connection isn’t quite as fast but it still gets the job done. Here is a screenshot of the HideMyAss client interface:
HideMyAss Review
HideMyAss recommends that you connect to the server closest to your location so the information has to travel the shortest distance possible. All you need to do is to enter your login details (they can of course be saved), choose a location, click the ‘Connect to VPN’ button and… that’s it! You can start to browse the web and download files anonymously. If you need to change your IP addresses frequently, then HideMyAss is exactly what you need because the client allows you to change the connection on a scheduled time interval. Here is a short video demonstration on how to use HideMyAss:

HideMyAss Review

Video Demonstration

Why do you need it?
There are plenty of reasons why you need HideMyAss but some of the most practical uses include internet security, anonymity and bypassing pesky geo-targeting systems. With HideMyAss, you are no longer bound to your IP address. Your internet service provider can’t tell if you are reading your emails or downloading a movie, because all the traffic between you and the VPN is encrypted through a tunnel.
Can’t watch Hulu where you are? HideMyAss is also great to bypass geo-targeting systems. Let’s say you’re currently in Europe or Australia and want to watch Hulu. Well, normally you can’t because you are outside the United States. With HideMyAss, you can choose to connect to a server located in the United States and watch Hulu, legally.
HideMyAss can also be very useful if you work in the search marketing industry. As an internet professional, you sometimes need to check Google rankings but how can you make sure that your target audience on the other side of the world sees the same results than you do? One way to see what they see is by connecting to a foreign server with HideMyAss! You will probably see wildly different results come up!
What HideMyAss offers
  • 90+ servers, 9000+ IP addresses
  • Each connection = new IP address
  • OpenVPN + PPTP included
  • Free HideMyAss Pro VPN software
  • 30-day money back guarantee
HideMyAss Review – If you want to browse the web and download whatever you want with anonymity, protect your online information, and/or bypass pesky geo-targeting systems,  then HideMyAss is what you need! You can get HideMyAss for less than $7 per month, and from my experience it’s worth every penny! Click here to visit the official HideMyAss website. Thanks for reading this HideMyAss review! I hope you will enjoy using HideMyAss as much as I do!


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