Monday, January 27, 2014

Wallpapers of the week: AR7 graphic, app, and theme

AR7 app splash
We come around to another week, celebrating with the Wallpaper of the Week section. Before digging around for new walls, it is important to point out, there were loads of new tweaks released last week for your jailbroken iPhone. Stylistic tweaks are always complimented by the correct wallpaper and we aim to please.
If many of you follow the section regularly, it is no surprise today is a feature of Italian graphic artist AR7. Several of his wallpapers were included in previous posts and he is well known in the community as one of the best wallpaper creators on the net. Take a look inside for a small wallpaper pack, his new app, and a jailbreak theme…

The goods

AR7 switched over to parallax wallpapers immediately after Apple announced the new resolutions. Consequently, he is a steady source of correctly sized wallpapers, which is still difficult to find. His new self titled app “AR7″ includes almost his entire, and growing, library. The app hosts images for 3.5″ screens, 4″ screens, and parallax ready options. The app is free, supported by iAds, and the preferred location to download AR7′s handy work right from your device.
In the app, you will find a wide variety of wallpapers genres. From iOS 7 blurry wallpapers, to abstract and realism, below is a quick collection of different wallpaper types found within the app.
Gold Bubbles wallpaper parallax AR7 preview  Sky Clouds wallpaper parallax AR7 preview
Blur wallpaper parallax AR7 preview  Audi Quattro Laserlight wallpaper parallax AR7 preview
In addition to the new AR7 app, Agostino produced a theme for iPhone, termed “Style HD for iOS 7″ and can be found on Cydia’s ZodTTD repo. The theme utilizes customized round icons as the main visual stimulant and modifies some of the UI. The theme will set you back $1.99, but the detailed icons are flat, redesigned, and match iOS 7 very well.
Style HD for iOS 7 by AR7 splash
To keep up with AR7, follow him on Twitter @AR72014 or track his Deviant Art gallery. Unfortunately, it appears he terminated his tumblr account after launching the app.


To download the featured wallpapers, tap each for a full resolution, parallax ready, image. Once loaded, tap hold, then save to the Camera Roll. Setting them as wallpaper can be done through the or From a desktop computer, click each preview image and save the full resolution to an iTunes sync folder.
Downloading the Style HD for iOS 7 theme must be done through Cydia. Tap the search tab and input “Style HD” in the bar. Verify the theme is produced by AR7 in the package details. For a detailed purchasing tutorial, view Jeff’s walk through demonstration.
What do you guys think about the AR7 app?

Friday, January 24, 2014

New Year’s 2014 Thempack for Windows 7

As 2013 draws to a close, it is a time to reflect back on what we have done this year and to look forward to 2014 with hearts full of hope and excitement. To help commemorate the event we have put a collection of Happy New Year wallpapers for your desktops.

Musi lets you stream music and create playlists directly from YouTube

Musi 1
Something that may not be well known to the general masses (although likely well known to iDB readers) is that you can listen to full albums for just about every popular musician if you know how to search for it on YouTube.
Music is a streaming service that lets you listen to anything you can find on YouTube as an audio playlist. Now, you can listen to spaghetti western soundtracks all the live long day…


The main screen shows your current playlists, including your song library. Don’t be confused by the word “library.” It is not in reference to your iPhone’s music library, but the library of YouTube videos you’ve imported.
You can also see the selection of songs that you’ve added to your playlist with a thumbnail of each. After you’ve imported songs, there will be a “New” banner next to them until you listen to them. This makes it easier for you to find new songs to add to a playlist if you’ve imported them recently.
When a song is playing, you can see an image, the name of the song, and the username of the person who uploaded it. You can also access the playback controls from here. You can fast forward, rewind, and pause or play music. Plus, you can access the AirPlay features to stream the music through a compatible speaker.
If you have friends who also use Musi, the app can connect them to you so you can share songs. Or, you can post a link to the YouTube video on Facebook and Twitter.

Musi 3App Use

I find that YouTube is a wealth of media for the kinds of things you just can’t get anywhere else. For example, I can listen to the audio of every single ride at Disneyland and the music that plays in different locations of the theme park. I do this regularly. I love Disneyland and have been there enough times that I know where each part of the ride is, based on the audio.
With Musi, I can add my favorite audio clips of those rides and listen to them for hours, and I have. In fact, I’m currently listening to The Haunted Mansion.
To add music to your library, first tap “Playlists,” and then tap “My Library.” Then tap the search bar at the top of the screen. As soon as you start typing, you will see a list of YouTube tracks. Select the ones you want and search again. At this point, it is smart to add as much music as you possibly can. You will be creating playlists later and will need this music.
After you have music in your library, you can create a new playlist to add these clips to. Select “Create” from the upper right corner to create a new playlist. Name it. Then, tap the new selection to add music. The playlist can only be generated from music that you’ve added to your library, which is why it is a good idea to import as many YouTube videos as you possibly can.
After your new playlist has music, you can drag and drop tracks to order the songs however you like. You can also rename the tracks to make them easier to identify. If you change your mind and want to remove a song from your playlist, swipe the song from right to left and tap “delete.” You can also share songs by swiping from left to right.
If you have friends on Musi, you will be able to directly send them a link to a YouTube video. The app will access your contacts and let you know who is already using the service. If your friends aren’t using Musi yet, you can invite them.
You can also share a link to the YouTube clip you are listening to on Facebook and Twitter.
Rinse. Repeat. Create as many playlists as you like. The more content you have, the longer you can listen to any music you’d like.
The app connects to the Internet to stream these YouTube clips, so be sure you are on Wi-Fi so you don’t eat up all of your cellular data while listening to tunes.

The Good

Musi 4I love creating my own playlist of songs. There are hundreds (even thousands) of full albums of some of my favorite artists on YouTube. This app makes it possible to stream hours of music on one playlist.

The Bad

The user interface is fairly awkward. You have to import YouTube tracks to your library before you can add them to a playlist. If you accidentally tap on a song, it will begin playing. However, in order to edit a song title or move a track, you must touch the song, so accidentally playing it will happen regularly. Editing and moving tracks should require a different set of gestures.
There is also a glitch that would not delete songs. Oftentimes, I’d want to remove a song from the playlist. I’d swipe to access the delete feature and tap it. Nothing would happen. Then, after a few minutes, I’d try again and the song would be removed from the playlist.


The best part about Music is that it is free and not ad supported. You have complete access to all of the features without having to pay for an in-app purchase. This app offers days of audio entertainment with a price of zero dollars.


Basically, download it. Musi is a great app with high quality streaming audio directly from YouTube. You can find music fast and easily with almost no lag whatsoever. Creating multiple playlists makes it possible to listen to music of any kind all day long. There is no reason not to have this app in your music folder. Download it in the App Store today.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Download ‘Year of Horse’ Themepack for Windows 7

Year of Horse Themepack for Windows 7

Horse is one of favorite animals. Horse provides a good and quick transportation for people before automobiles. Horse can give people a ride to their destination. Therefore, horse is not only a symbol of traveling, but also a sign of speedy success.
Lunar New Year will soon be here, so why don’t fill your desktop with the
awesome power of the horse? This wonderful wallpaper collection comes
with 26 wallpapers to celebrate Lunar New Year, the year of Horse.

How to fix the Status Bar not updating properly after applying a theme

Home screen jailbreak theme status bar
Now that WinterBoard has been updated for iOS 7, themers are back on the wagon either updating their themes or coming up with new ones. WinterBoard is a buggy app, and even Saurik, its creator admitted so when it was updated a few weeks ago. In short WinterBoard for iOS 7 is still a work in progress.
One of the bugs that have been affecting themers is related to the Status Bar. The problem comes from a caching issue preventing the Status Bar theming of some themes such as Ayecon or Solstice to propagate correctly to the entire UI. In some cases, you might see the themed Status Bar when running certain applications, while the themed bar might be absent from the Home screen or other apps.
Fortunately, there is one simple fix for this…
If you want to fix the Status Bar not showing properly all across your iPhone, follow these simple steps:
Step 1: Open iFile or SSH into your device and go to /private/var/mobile/Library/Caches/
Step 2: Delete all of the files located in this directory.
Step 3: Respring your device.
After the respring, the themed Status Bar should be showing properly everywhere on your device. The problem might appear again after changing the theme, in which case, follow these steps again.
Hopefully, this is something that will be fixed in a future WinterBoard update.
Note that this problem is different from another Status Bar bug caused by the jailbreaking process and preventing the stock Status Bar from showing properly in certain stock applications such as Photos, Phone, etc. If you have this problem, make sure to check outour post on how to fix it.
For those wondering, the theme used in the image above is Solstice, one of the best WinterBoard themes for iOS 7. I use the icons and Status Bar from Solstice, a wallpaper from Ayecon, and I removed the icon labels with WinterBoard.